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On-Call Safety & Security Consulting Services

Description of Service

Contract No. FC-8837 – Safety & Security Consulting Services.

Note: Contract transitioned from the City of Atlanta to MARTA.

Scope of Work

Annual Emergency Exercises

  • Planning support, facilitation is determined by ASC and documentation for the exercises.

  • Table-Top Exercise (TTX) and Full Field Exercise (FX) support as needed.

  • Atlanta Police Department/Atlanta Fire Rescue Department ongoing training and liaison.

  • Support for Corrective Action plan development and implementation.

  • Preparation of the After-Action Reports for exercises.

Internal Safety and Security Auditing (ISSA) Program

  • Safety, Security, & Training Audits per GDOT & FTA.

  • Planning, implementing, and documenting the ISSA.

Policy & Plan Development

Safety & Security Transition Plan.

  • Documentation: The Consultant will develop, review, and revise as needed Standard Operating Procedures and other documentation for the following areas:

  1. 49 CFR 659 (State Safety Oversight) compliance, including review and revision of the System Safety Program Plan (SSPP), Security and Emergency Preparedness Plan (SEPP), and documentation related to Hazard Management, Accident and Incident Investigation, Internal Safety and Security Assessments and Corrective Action Plans.

  2. Compliance with the GDOT Safety Oversight System Safety Program Standard.

  3. Compliance with FTA requirements pertinent to operations of the Streetcar System.

  • Conduct safety and security-related field work, presentations, inspections, and verifications.

General Safety and Security Training and Support

  • Review/revision of Training programs and plans

  • Provide support for ASC in meeting its training requirements under the SSPP and SEPP.
MARTA (current) /
The City of Atlanta, GA (former)
Start: Feb. 2017
Completion: Jan. 2022
Dollar Value
Construction: $100M
Fees: $1M
Tasks Performed to Date:
Internal Safety & Security Audit
Maintenance Equipment Safety Training Video
TSA I-STEP Exercise Logistics

Industrial Safety Plan (ISP) Development
Project References
Leslie Hubble, MARTA Safety
404.848.5887 phone (Task 4)
Kris Mattson, MARTA Security (Task 3)
Mr. Marwan Al-Mukhtar
Executive Director, City of Atlanta
Office: 404-546-5795
(Tasks 1 & 2)
Personnel Involved:
Jean Claude Aurel, Jr., Director
Rachel Deen, Manager
Eric Fox, Sr. Specialist

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