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On Call Safety & Organizational Development Services

Description of Services

With the voter-approved merger of Metro and King County, county government has assumed responsibility for public transit. The DOT provides rail, bus, water taxi, bike, rideshare, and accessible services to residents of the County, and manages the King County International Airport (Boeing Field). TSSS is the prime contractor providing on call as-needed services under Contract #6014267 that will provide access to safety, industrial hygiene, training, and organizational development resources for the Director of Safety and Security and the Metro Transit Safety Office. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene

  2. Safety Training

  3. Organizational Development

Strategic Safety Plan (SSP) Development Task

TSSS developed a visually-based Safety Strategic Plan (SSP) for the organization, outlining and succinctly highlighting a vision, safety culture, and strategies to guide completion of Metro Transit’s Safety Management System (SMS) and the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP). The SSP is a visual tool for easily digestible internal and external engagement. TSSS worked directly with the Managing Director, Safety and Security, to facilitate and complete proposed efforts and deliverables. TSSS objectives:

  • Developed a Metro Transit Safety Strategic Plan based on input from the safety team and other internal stakeholders that included the following elements:

    • Awareness & Engagement
    • Accountability: Hazard Analysis & Risk Based Corrective Action
    • Analytics: Quality Data Management
    • Achievement: Training & Competence
    • Assurance: Continuous Improvement

  • Through this process, continued to build the capacity of safety staff for strategic critical thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving.

The elements included in the SSP to achieve the above objectives included: Mission Statement, Vision, Goals, Guiding Principles, SMART Objectives, Equity & Social Justice Alignment, Measuring Success, Outcome Strategies, and Implementation and Action Plan.

King County Department of Transportation

Start: 5/2018
Completion: 6/2020

Dollar Value
Construction: N/A
Fee: Unknown – Estimate $100K per year for 2 years plus 3 options

Tasks Performed to Date:
Strategic Safety Plan (SSP) Development


Project Reference

Mr. Grantley Martelly
Managing Director

King County Metro Transit
King Street Center
201 South Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104
P: 206.553.3000

Personnel Involved:
Jean Claude Aurel, Jr., Director
Dr. Ashley Burns, Manager
Cornelius Lacks, Sr. Safety Consult.
Ron Nickle, Sr. Safety/Sec. Eng.

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