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Enterprise Cybersecurity Working Group Facilitator

Description of Services

The scope of services under this contract is as follows:

  • Create ways to share sufficient and best practice between and amongst transit agencies/operators.

  • Create best practice and presentation templates to allow transit agency cybersecurity champions to educate their peers

  • Create methods and means to share information to key personnel at transit agencies and their operators

  • Carry out the established security priorities for standards development associated with the working plan including Recommended Practices, white papers and similar.

  • Ensure that the working group’s members represent the industry with appropriate expertise to develop materials determined by the working group

  • Coordinate with the other security standards working groups

  • Create a public transportation set of resources, guidelines, and materials for vetted members of the public transportation industry to find current checklists, guidelines, troubleshooting information, as well as who/how to contact government and law enforcement to help handle incidents.

Create a series of outreach and education webinars that are either self-directed or offered by APTA to the industry

American Public Transportation
Association (APTA)
Start: Oct 2016
Completion: Sept 2020

Dollar Value
Fees: $100K
Project Reference
Ms. Polly Hansen
Director of Security and Emergency Management, APTA
Suite 1200 East, 1300 I St NW
Washington, DC 20005
C: 703.505.2523
Personnel Involved
Rachel Deen, Leader/Facilitator

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