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On-Call Safety & Security Consulting / Preliminary Engineering

Description of Services

Texas Central Partners, LLC (Texas Central) is a private company leading the transformational high-speed rail project in Texas. The revolutionary project will connect commuters from Dallas/Fort Worth to Houston in just under 90 minutes. This travel time is possible with a train that will reach approximately 240 miles per hour. Texas Central will use the N700-I Bullet total system, the international version of the Tokaido Shinkansen total system currently in operation between Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. TSSS is supporting the development of a Preliminary Hazards Analysis (PHA), System Safety Program requirements, and support for the Design and Engineering for the setup and operation of a proposed high-speed railroad. Specific tasks include:

Task 1.  Preliminary Hazards Analysis (PHA) Support

Support the continued development of the Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) in a format familiar to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) using MIL STD 882(e) standards. Conduct Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)/Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).

Task 2. System Safety and Security Management Plan (SSMP)

Assist TCRR and the Company’s Program Management Consultant (PMC), acting as the Project Manager, in identifying and preparing the required base documents for the System Safety Program requirements, including continuing work on the System Safety and Security Management Plan (“SSMP”) and assisting in developing draft documents in a format familiar to the FRA.

Task 3. System Safety Executive Committee

Support the ‘soft launch’ of the new System Safety Executive Committee, serving as a Subject Matter Expert when needed; and support the Company’s Designers in the timely identification of required safety design elements for Preliminary Design engineering and, ultimately, for the setup and operation.

Task 4.  Professional Services

As required, provide professional services to the Company to support efforts as part of the ongoing petitioning of the Federal Railroad Administration for a Rule of Particular Applicability, specific services to be specified by TCRR as deemed necessary.

One such additional task that has been requested is for TSSS to perform a Security Threat & Vulnerability Assessment (TVA).

Texas Central Railroad
Texas Central Railroad (current)
Paladin Consulting Group (former)
Start: 9/2016
Completion: 12/2019
Dollar Value
Construction: $10B+
Fee: $500K
Project Reference
Mr. Randall Duty
Texas Central Railroad
P: 214.960.4435
Mr. Fred Weiderhold
Paladin Consulting Group, LLC
Safety & Security Director
Phone: (703) 861-3575
Personnel Involved
Jean Claude Aurel, Jr., Director
Mike Allocco, Sr. Engineer
Sebastian Dragu, Manager
Robert Carter, Sr. Security SME

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