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Commuter Rail Lines DBFOM – Safety & Security Certification

Description of Services

Eagle P3 is a public-private partnership comprised of three (3) new commuter rail lines – East Rail Line, Gold Line, and Northwest Rail Line Westminster – spanning 36-miles, 16 stations, 56 vehicles, and the Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility. As a subconsultant to Denver Transit Partners (DTP), TSSS was responsible for the entire Security and Safety Certification Program, including the following:

● System Safety Program Plan (SSMP)

● System Security Plan (SSP)

●  Safety & Security Certification Plan (SSCP)

  • Develop & Maintain Certifiable Items List (CIL)
  • Develop & Maintain Safety Open Items List (SOIL)

●  Development of Safety & Security Design Criteria

● Hazard Identification & Resolution Process (HA)

●  Design Reviews

● Safety & Security Analysis

    • Preliminary & Final Hazard Analysis (PHA/FHA)
    • Threat & Vulnerability Analysis (TVA) – Process, Preliminary and Final
    • Preliminary & Final Collision Hazard Analysis
    • GAP Analysis
    • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)/Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
    • Operational Hazard Analysis (OHA)

● Certifiable Elements List (CEL)

● CCODesign Criteria Conformance Checklists (DCCC)

● Construction Specification Conformance Checklists (CSCC)

● Chair of the Safety & Security Working Group

● Chair of the Fire Life & Safety Committee

● Develop Safety & Security Certificates of Compliance

  • Design and Construction
  • Maintain database of related certifiable items and document

● Creation of Safety & Security Certification Verification Report

  • Final Certificate of Compliance

● Participation on:

  • Integration Committee
  • Pre-Revenue Service Committee
Regional Transportation District
Denver Transit Partners (DTP)
Start: 7/2010
Completion: 6/2019
Dollar Value
Construction: $2.2B
Fee: $3.2M
Project Reference
Mr. Robert Bohnet, DTP
Mr. Peter Strange 
Project Director
1670 Broadway St.
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303.297.7537

Personnel Involved
Jean Claude Aurel, Jr., Director
Eric Hamilton, Manager
Sebastian Dragu, Manager
Philip Adams, Quality Manager
Spergeon Holly, Engineer
Eric Fox, Specialist

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